Please Note that Contribution Statements were emailed on January 21th  2024
If you have not received your contribution statement via email please check your junk mail folder.

If You are having Trouble, please follow the steps below.

If there are any discrepancies please don't hesitate to email us at:
1. If you did not receive you contribution statement please click the link below and enter your primary email and click the forgot password tab.
2. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not sent a password or if there is a reason you are not able to connect please don't worry, chances are, your emailed is not in our data base or not connected with your account. If you are married, please be sure to fill out a separate cart for each of you as the system only allows one email access per person.

3. If you have any trouble please please fill out the form below and your contribution will be emailed to you.
Please note that it can take up to 24hr to update your information.

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